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  • Nursery School competition by WXCA | 3rd place
    We are finishing this year with one more succesful collaboration with WXCA who got 3rd place in a nursery school design competition! See the whole project on designer's website.
  • Jan Heynslaan 4 tender | 1st prize
    VORM's ROOT proposal for Jan Heynslaan tender just got the 1st prize and is another succesful competition in which we accompanied our client this year. The building combines affordable living for households most in need of an affordable owner-occupied apartment with quality and is fully committed to sustainability. Read more...
  • Flotingsmuseum by Karres en Brands | 1st prize
    Proud to share 1st prize winning Karres en Brands's entry for the international Norway’s National Logging Museum competition. Learn more here.
  • Port Popowice Tower competition by WXCA | 3rd prize
    Another Port Popowice competition where WXCA got 3rd prize. The subject was the development's focal point - the housing tower. See the whole project here.
  • Bednarska campus by WXCA | 2nd prize
    Once again we joined WXCA in an open competition in Poland and got awarded! 2nd prize this time. Read more
  • PUM campus in Szczecin | 3rd prize
    Congratulations Heinle Wischer & Partner for winning this competition in Szczecin! Find more info about the competition here
  • The masterplan for Klaprozenbuurt approved!
    Space&Matter, BETA architects and B+B landscape architects created a new green masterplan for post-industrial Klaprozenbuurt. Long awaited design was now approved and will be realised. Explore the full project on our Behance profile.
  • Eastern Lands Museum | 1st prize
    An another competition we win together with WXCA and RAAI. The Eastern Lands we lost after the WW2 played a long and important role in the history of our country. WXCA and RAAI will tell this story using the old palace as a part of the exhibition. Congratulations for the...
  • Vejlandskvartier by Henning Larsen | 1st prize
    This was our first project for Henning Larsen and also a great success! The proposal consists of the Copenhagen's first all timber district blending with the undeveloped nature. The design sets new trends in sustainable architecture and becomes an answer to the environmental challenges of the modern times. See more...
  • Wielki Piec competition | 2nd prize
    That was definitely one of the most challenging and fun projects we did recently. The competition subject is the refurbishment and conversion of the old blast furnace into a museum in Ruda Śląska. The concept from Grupa 5 got 2nd prize and we are very proud to be part of...
  • Port Popowice harbour by WXCA | 3rd prize
    One more project related to Port Popowice development we did with WXCA. This time the subject was the harbour area. Learn more on authors' website.
  • Beekblokken masterplan by Space&Matter | 1st prize
    One more succesful collaboration with Space and Matter from the last year! Their tender proposal for Beekblokken in Roosendaal just got the first prize. The design consists of 100 sustainable homes together with a new ecological district. Explore the full quality images here and learn more about the project on...
  • Brighton College Theatre | 1st prize
    Proud to announce that KRFT just won this two-stage invited competition in Brighton! Read more
  • Wyspiański Museum competition | 1st prize
    Our first collaboration with Heinle Wischer & Partner turned out to be a big success! This poetic concept taking advantage of an interesting play of light won the first prize in this 2 stage competition. Congratulations for the winners! Feel free to read more about the authors' design here and...
  • Port Popowice office building by WXCA| 1st place
    Once again we revisited Port Popowice development creating images of an office building for WXCA. 1st place once again, congratulations and... you're welcome. Learn more about the project on the authors' website.
  • Ostrava Concert Hall competition | Final stage
    Competition visualizations of Ostrava Concert Hall we did for Konior studio finally realeased. The project reached final stage among other star architects from all over the world. Learn more about the project on architects' website. It was also featured on Behance Architecture gallery, see the full project here.
  • Polonia Centre by JEMS Architekci | 3rd prize
    The project involved the concept of the main stadium and accompanying multi-functional sports hall and sports support centre. Congratulations and enjoy more information about the project here.
  • Hengelo School conversion | 1st prize
    This concept from Space and Matter just won the competition held by the city municipality. The old brick school building will be converted into housing unit. Learn more about the project here and see full quality images on our behance.
  • Poznań Music Theatre by JEMS | 2nd prize
    As visual storytellers we love when the architectural context creates the potential for atmospheric images. It was so this time when we joined JEMS for this special competition in the heart of Poznań. The adjacency of the railway gives a great opportunity for unconventional approach and we believe we managed...
  • Park Żerański by WXCA | 3rd prize
    We don't often make visualizations of park but when we do we win awards. WXCA's entry for Park Żerański just received 3rd prize and we are very proud of this work. See the news and the full project here. The images we created were featured once again in Behance curated...
  • Gdynia Theatre refurbishment competition | 1st prize
    Proud to be part of WXCA's another great success! Their concept for Gdynia Theatre just won the 1st prize. Read more and see full project here.
  • Planet Lem competition | Honorable mention
    One of the most interesting competitions we did recently where all entries were mandatory black&white. An honorable mention for BBGK Architects. Read more info here and the full project here.
  • GUM campus | 1st prize
    Finishing the year with another big success. This competition entry we did with BDMA won the 1st prize in Kielce. The materiality of this interesting concept refers to the local limestone quarries. Read the jury's verdict HERE and enjoy the whole project on our BEHANCE.
  • Mieszkanie Plus by Atelier Tektura | 1st prize
    Fresh news from our beautiful city! Our partners from Atelier Tektura just got the 1st prize in an architecture competition for social housing. This is our 2nd successful project at Port Popowice development. You can enjoy the full project here.
  • Cracow Music Centre | 3rd prize
    3rd prize for Konior Studio in a competition for Music Centre in Cracow. Very ambitious programme and tight deadline made it a crazy run for us. Fortunately the hard work paid off! See the news here.
  • Polish pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai by WXCA | 1st prize
    That's definitely the greatest success of this year. We joined the WXCA's team once again for Expo 2020 pavilion competition and won! This is how our country will be represented on Expo 2020. The project features kinetic flock of birds installation referring to Poland's fauna in a poetic way. Also...
  • Nowa Praga Creativity Centre | 2nd prize
    One more successful collab with WXCA. Congrats and you're welcome! See the project on architects' website.
  • Parnu Hotel Competition | 1st prize for Azia Arkhitektid
    Our first big success abroad! The visualizations we did for Azia Arkhitektid helped win the Pärnu Hotel Brackmann competition in Estonia. Congratulations for the winners for the fantastic project. Learn more on the architects' site. See all images in high quality on our behance profile.
  • Port Popowice by WXCA | 2nd prize
    WXCA just got 2nd prize in urban competition in our beloved Wrocław. Enjoy the full project on our behance.
  • Warsaw Music Centre Competition | 1st prize
    This is how the refurbished Warsaw Music Centre is going to look like. See the beautiful project by AMC - Andrzej Chołdzyński with visualizations by Vivid Vision. Find the whole information here and the full project on our behance. We are very proud the project was a featured work in...
  • Stara Łasztownia | 1st prize
    1st prize in an ambitious urban competition won by Maćkow Pracownia Projektowa. This project was the biggest challenge and the greatest success this year. The bold urban concept will redefine Szczecin's post-industrial zone into pedestrian friendly sustainable area within the concept of Szczecin Floating Garden 2050. See the news here....
  • Nowa Praga by WXCA | 1st prize
    Congratulations WXCA for winning 1st prize in Nowa Praga competition. The woonerf concept will define the future of this neighbourhood and enhance its quality. See the project on architects website